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About iorg.com

iorg.com mission statement:

When this site was active it helped the business owners of web sites improve the results they were getting from their existing web site investments by providing expertise, processes and tools to define, measure and manage to business objectives. We hope we were able to demonstrate that the value received from our services was worth our clients' investment in us.

iorg.com services:

We no longer offer these services directly. However, if you are interested in what you see, we encourage you to contact one of our partners, Petra Coaching & Consulitng  in the United States or Effinfo in Europe, for these or similar services.

iorg.com has always focused on management issues first.

Since 1994 members of our team pioneered concepts and actions for introducing, developing and managing Intranets. Our focus now is on continuing to provide the information we developed to help owners of all types  of sites (Intranet, Extranet & Public Web Sites) specifically those that helped owners manage their web sites to realistic business objectives.

Traditional methodologies for visitor- or customer-experience evaluations created by other consultants at the time were focused on supporting software and web site designers and developers.  For all their value in these situations, they had serious limitations as tools to help the business owners of web sites develop and reach agreement on realistic business objectives. They also did not address how to turn business objectives into auditable requirements that could be communicated to web designers and developers.

The methodology we developed provided a tested alternative. It was used by more than 100 companies in North America, Europe and Japan. Clients who also used the more traditional web site evaluation methodologies told us that they prefered ours because the results were more actionable, making clear not only what needed to be done, but how to do it.

iorg.com was founded by Steven L. Telleen, Ph.D.

Dr. Telleen began focusing on the adoption, management and usability of the web as a medium beginning in early 1994, when he was credited with coining the term Intranet while at Amdahl Corporation. He consulted on web site effectiveness through several companies after leaving Amdahl in 1996, the most recent being five and a half years at Giga Information Group.

Steve holds a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is a member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society.

iorg.com has been in existence since 1997.

The iorg.com web site has always been based on the philosophy of sharing substantive information and ideas for free. The full content of the original site is still available as an archive site.

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