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Web Site Business Alignment Workshop

This workshop provides a great start for a web site design or redesign.
You should not request another redesign proposal without first developing the deliverables from this workshop.

Use the output from this workshop to:
  • Keep your web site focused on business objectives
  • Track progress against your business objectives
  • Improve communication with your design group or firm
  • Reduce the need for design rework

"When I met with the redesign firms after our workshop and working with IORG, I found that they were very appreciative of the simplification of what we were able to request from them. We now had a very clear message that we wanted to convey with our web site, and we weren’t waffling in terms of the approach that we wanted to take."

Pat Torchiana, CEO, Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro

Download PDF Fact Sheet on Business Alignment Workshop

What is Covered
Who Should Participate
The workshop combines education with participant exercises that generate actionable results and real outputs. The take-aways from the day include:
  • Web site business objectives and metrics that are aligned with overall business objectives
  • Identified key visitor types with representative scenarios to guide designers and developers
  • A "stripped" home page, based on business objectives, to be given to the designers for "dressing"
  • A continuous improvement process based on business objectives and appropriate metrics
  • An understanding of the principles behind best practices for customer success and satisfaction

All employees who have a direct stake in the web site and its design. Depending on the size of the company this may include:
  • The CEO or a Principal Partner
  • The Vice President of Marketing
  • The Vice President of Customer Support
  • The Vice President of Sales
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Employees responsible for design or administration of the site
  • Employees responsible for maintenance of the site content
  • A representative of the company's outside design firm
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Business Alignment Workshop - Web Site Practices Audit  - Custom Consulting

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