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Case Study: HR AnswerLink

The president of HR AnswerLink, the premier subscription-based HR solution for small and medium businesses,  was not happy with the effectiveness of the public portion of his company's Web site. He sought assistance aligning it with the company's current business needs before undertaking a major redesign effort.

IORG.COM worked with the president and his team to identify and describe their key audiences and how each interacts with the Web site and the company at six customer touch points. The business objectives for each touch point were documented, and key scenarios developed. Finally a stripped home page and several intermediate navigation pages were developed to capture and document the critical categories and links to support the business objectives. Current clients from the target audiences were contacted and interviewed to confirm scenario assumptions and capture trigger words for category and link names.

When the site went live, the number of requests for information from potential distributors (one of the new target audiences) increased over ten times. Increases for the other two audiences were not as dramatic, not because of drop off, but because they were not coming to the site. This has put the focus on looking at ways to increase awareness of the company and the site among these two groups. A side benefit of the process, the company has a better defined overall strategy for each set of customers, and business objectives for each customer touch point.

"Working through the IORG.COM business alignment process provided structure and insight to our team, revealing important points of view we would not have considered without it. IORG.COM has been easy to work with, knowledgeable, and capable.  All things considered - regardless of price we could not have had a better company to work with on this critical project."
Dennis Abraham, President, HR AnswerLink

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