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Case Study: Programmable Chip Manufacturer

This progammable chip manufacturer was in the process of redesigning their web site. Their site is used by product designers researching components for new products. However, they also provide other destinations including online training and the sale of design software. Their main goal was to provide a better customer experience on the web site.

They were looking for help in two areas:
  • Understanding effective practices in the web medium
  • Engaging then facilitating agreement among the diverse stakeholder groups that needed to be involved in the new design.
A baseline practices audit was conducted on their site and three of their competitors' sites. Using the audit results as a draw, the key stakeholder groups became engaged in the redesign process. The process helped the team agree and focus on the business objectives for the site: providing a clear presentation of all the options available to their customers with easier access to all the destinations.

The redesign contributed to a 20% increase in web activity and an overwhelmingly positive response from customers, partners and distributors. The Senior Director of Online Marketing  estimates that the audit and level setting exercises cut the time getting to the new implementation in half and they likely would not have identified and incorporated many of the practices that satisfy their customers.

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