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Case Study: Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro, Inc.

Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro, Inc. (TMS) is a career management consulting firm in Northern California that specializes in outplacement consulting and executive coaching. They are hired by companies to work with their transitioning employees on job search skills and to provide all the support services that are necessary as people go through transition. They also provide executive coaching for managers and senior level executives in the Bay Area.

TMS had several issues they wanted to address when they approached their web site redesign. They believed the web site looked old and needed a fresh approach. They wanted people coming to the web site for the first time to get a great impression and people coming repeatedly to see something different. They also wanted to make sure that the site was easy for everyone to navigate.

When they initially embarked on the redesign of their web site, they thought it was important to include all the stakeholders in their organization. They are a small company but had some very definite input from people working in the marketing function, the research function, the administration function, and their candidate services function.

The TMS team had a lot of really good ideas, but did not have a way to structure the discussion to allow them to get to endpoints and decisions that satisfied everyone. They looked to IORG.COM and the Business Alignment Workshop to provide that process and structure.

What they hoped to achieve from the Business Alignment Workshop were clear objectives for each type of visitor to the site. They wanted to make sure that everybody’s reasons for coming to the Web site were acknowledged and that everybody could be successful at meeting their needs.

On completing the Business Alignment Workshop the team identified the biggest benefit as being their agreement on reasons and justifications as to why they wanted certain things to be on their web site and where they wanted those to be.

When they met with the redesign firms after the workshop, they found that the firms were very appreciative of the clarity and simplification of what was being requested and that the TMS team was not waffling in terms of the approach they wanted to take.

CEO, Pat Torchiana, had this to say: “I think we could best sum it up by saying we didn’t know what we didn’t know, and IORG was able to help us expand, teach us, help us learn, and increase our knowledge base in terms of what we wanted from the redesign of our Web site.”

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