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Case Study: CustomerSat, Inc.

When CustomerSat, Inc., the leading provider of online satisfaction survey systems, redesigned their web site, they sought the advice of an outside, expert. They contacted iorg.com's Steve Telleen.

Steve conducted a review of various proposed designs. After consultations with key stakeholders, he provided recommendations, references to specific practices and research, and examples of how these practices could be applied to the new designs. He presented the above to both  stakeholders and representatives of the design firm working on the site.

Based on discussions with stakeholders, Steve's analysis focused on the number and types of audiences who come to the site, the expectations of each audience when they come, and the business objectives and importance for each audience. This approach enabled the design team to move away from positions based on subjective preferences to explorations based on measurable business effectiveness.

"Steve creatively applied sound principles to guide the design of key aspects of the site -- including content, navigability, and appearance -- in surprising and compelling ways. As a result of Steve's work, www.CustomerSat.com conveys our offerings, benefits, and mission with greater clarity, depth, and thoroughness than ever before."
John Chisholm, CEO, CustomerSat, Inc.

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