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Case Study: National Telecommunications Company

The company was facing a massive change in their marketplace. Their web site reflected the overall company, with multiple, uncoordinated objectives and initiatives. A baseline practices audit was used to provided an objective assessment of the overall public site. A large group of stakeholders from various parts of the company participated in a day-long facilitated discussion of the issues and options.

The participants left with a better understanding of why and how they needed to work together, and with a vocabulary and framework to help them move forward. As the company developed a new marketing focus and positioning, the consensus and framework this process provided for the web site allowed them to quickly alter the site to reflect and support the new positioning.

Without the well defined practices and the process, the CIO estimates they would still be trying to reach agreement and implement the changes to their web site. However, because they were able to quickly effect the changes, the new web site provided a tremendous tool for repositioning the company both inside and out.

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