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Client Feedback

A selection of comments from clients who used our methodologies:

Torchiana Mastrov & Sapiro, Inc.
"An additional benefit is that we had a process or a structure for our discussion about our web site, whereas before, we had a lot of really good ideas, but we didn't have a way to structure the discussion that would allow us to get to endpoints and decisions that we were all happy about."

HR AnswerLink
"Working through the IORG.com business alignment process provided structure and insight to our team, revealing important points of view we would not have considered without it. IORG.com has been easy to work with, knowledgeable, and capable.  All things considered - regardless of price we could not have had a better company to work with on this critical project."

CustomerSat, Inc.
"Steve creatively applied sound principles to guide the design of key aspects of the site -- including content, navigability, and appearance -- in surprising and compelling ways. As a result of Steve's work, www.CustomerSat.com conveys our offerings, benefits, and mission with greater clarity, depth, and thoroughness than ever before."

An international airline
"For my purposes the money here was well spent. Finding out the lessons we learnt from the exercise could be much more expensive if done the hard way - launching a site then re-launching it again to fix mistakes made the first time around."

An insurance company
"It was terrific!  We got so much out of your comments and the material will serve as a road map for us in our next steps.  I am meeting this afternoon with the executive Steering Committee and am expecting their full support to make the changes you outlined."

A telecommunications company
"The workshop was great.  It will give us a lot of ideas for improvement for quite some time!  More importantly, it raised the awareness level for some our business VP's, and that was our primary objective."

A progammable chip manufacturer
"The redesign has contributed to a 20% increase in web activity, and an overwhelming positive response from our customers, partners and distributors."

A semiconductor company
"The materials were very solid and the presentation and discussion were excellent!  I've received lots of good feedback from across the organization.  The information was relevant and useful, and is looking like a springboard for driving change."

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