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iorg.com helps business owners align their web site strategy, objectives and practices with overall business objectives through practical workshops, audits and custom consulting.

Experience is crucial. Vision is imperative. 
You need to look beyond the technology, beyond its application,
to its implications, for you and your business.

Intranet Organization:

What readers have said:
"The logic and ideas are excellent, and the writing style is easy to understand."

"I just finished a 15 month engagement with a large insurance company where I implemented your Intranet methodolgy...  The site has 1200 users per day (out of 1300 employees at the site), and about 2 million hits per month. Using your methodology was a great key to our success."

"It was the first time ever that I found a book that focuses on the business aspect of developing an intranet, approaching it from an organisational point of view, not from a technical side."

"Thanks for putting Intranet Organization online for the world to use. It has been a great source of information about setting up and administering Intranets and I have learned a tremendous amount from it."

"I just wanted you to know that your article is one of the best I've read anywhere.  I know it was written in 1997, but it still holds true (unlike many of the "trendy" articles that have been written). Thank you for sharing it with the Web community."

So you think you have your arms around electronic commerce?

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