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Our Offerings

We help business owners manage their web site as a business asset.
Without a focus on business objectives, designs go astray and metrics become meaningless.
With proper business alignment the business value of your web site can be documented and improved.

Overview of Offerings
  • Web Site Business Alignment Workshops
    Create web site objectives that align with your overall business objectives; Develop auditable design requirements to communicate with designers and developers
  • Web Site Practices Audits
    Document your web site against a comprehensive set of effective practices;
    Create and refine your enterprise web site practice standards and management policies
  • Custom Consulting
    Fills in the gaps to make it happen
- Find out how we differ from other approaches
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Problems We Have Helped Our Clients Solve
  • Our web site stakeholders have trouble reaching agreement causing: expensive delays and rework in site redesign, choices that work against our business objectives and visitors' interests, and inconsistencies across the site.
  • We need to know our new design will be effective and not just a work of art. (We need an outside, independent assessment)
  • We need to build a business case for maintaining and improving our web sites.
  • Visitors are leaving our site without visiting desired locations or completing desired functions.
  • Customers are calling telephone support, often after using the web site.
  • We need to educate our executives on what it takes to make our web site an effective business tool.
  • We need to educate our web site stakeholders on practices that will make our web site an effective business tool
  • We need to show management why our web site is doing well (or poorly) compared to our competitors.
iorg.com helps business owners align their web site strategy, objectives and practices with overall business objectives through practical workshops, audits and custom consulting.

To improve the ROI of your web site investment or for more information call us at +1 925-518-9425 or email us at

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